The Gallery Aydin collection includes antique rugs, tapestries and textile artifacts of different origins, and from different centuries. These historic textiles, comparable in quality to museum items, are of remarkable rarity and uniqueness, and they can be regarded as invaluable cultural heritage assets by textile art lovers, scholars, and collectors. This selection, created and expanded through thoughtful purchases, also from prestigious private collections, is constantly changing, as a result of either new acquisitions and disposals, or accessions and de-accessions. Galleria Gallery Aydin is involved in a constant conversation with museums, cultural institutions, and private collectors from around the world, in order to make international exchanges and loans a reality.Each item in the Gallery Aydin collection is catalogued and carefully preserved in one of the gallery’s three secure vaults, where more than three thousand artifacts are currently stored. Galleria Gallery Aydin’s personnel is highly committed to guaranteeing and promoting public access to the entire collection.

The Gallery

Standing out for its reputation of excellence in the antique textile art field, gallery Gallery Aydin is located in the heart of İstanbul, in the Turkey. The gallery is a reference point for those who love and collect antique carpets, tapestries, and textile artefacts. Gallery Gallery Aydin owns a collection that includes several museum-quality pieces, some of which come from prestigious private collections. The items in this collection are available for viewing and purchase to collectors, scholars, and connoisseurs. Provided with an exhibition space on a par with the latest museum standards and equipped with advanced solutions for preservation and display in a suitable environment, gallery Gallery Aydin also boasts a specialised library and a conservation laboratory, in which scientific analyses and conservation work are executed by highly qualified and skilled personnel. The gallery serves its interest in the dissemination of scholarly work through its publishing activity with Gallery Aydin Editore. Research projects in historic textile art and the publication of their outcomes often stem from collaboration between Galleria Gallery Aydin and internationally renowned museums and cultural institutions.


The exhibitions and the events organized by the gallery in its space or at other official important Foundations are devoted to enhance and disclose the multifaceted knowledge on the textile art, from the art of the carpet  to that of the tapestry, from embroidery and early fabrics up till the most recent aspects of this ancient discipline. 


Set within a spacious, appropriate environment on the premises of Galleria Gallery Aydin, the laboratory is fully equipped for the execution of scientific analyses, as well as for preventive and remedial conservation work. Established for the preventive and remedial conservation of the historic textiles in our collection, the laboratory is also open to private collectors, museums, and institutions seeking professional service. Any conservation work is executed with care after completing a preliminary study, aimed at identifying the best strategy to preserve the peculiarities of the artifact being examined, and the elements bearing witness to its history. To pursue these aims, the conservation staff in the laboratory always works in synergy with the Gallery Aydin Research Centre team. For further information please email 

Collecting artifacts is not something that is motivated by one clear aim, and very often, it does not have a precise objective at all. Art is not nurtured by having a clear purpose: taste and personal preferences are the subtle, changeable elements that are at the heart of all choices made by collectors.

The sentiment moving us envelops all antique textile art artifacts, with a preference for carpets, tapestries, kilims, embroideries, and it touches every facet of the Gallery’s soul, our collection, our study centre, our conservation laboratory, and our publishing house. Sharing this feeling is our highest calling.