Central Anatolia, Nevsehir Province Ürgüp Long Rug

Mid 19th century Central Anatolia, Nevsehir Province Ürgüp Long Rug

Three large, nested hooked diamonds aligned on the central axis of the red field are flanked by halved and similarly nested hooked diamonds of a different type. Quartered diamonds in the corners complete the field design, meaning that it is not conceived as an infinite repeat. The wide orange-ground border contains large elibelinde motifs. The rug was woven in the small town of Ürgüp. Another example of the group has been published by Brüggemann/Böhmer. – Well preserved except for minor repiled areas, original finishes all around.Size 131 x 370 cm

BRÜGGEMANN, WERNER & BÖHMER, HARALD, Teppiche der Bauern und Nomaden in Anatolien. Hanover 1980, no. 5


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