Central Asia, Central Tibet Tibetan Seat Cover

Second half 19th century Central Asia, Central Tibet Tibetan Seat Cover

Very coarsely woven in simple geometric designs, such rugs were known as "wangden drumze" in Tibet and produced in the province of Tsang in Central Tibet. They were used as seat covers by monks. Small square items like this example were placed on chairs while the longer runners covered benches. Their most striking feature is the voluminous fur-like surround of long wool threads, blue in this case and often red in other examples. Limited to only a few elements, the design seems full of energy and was supposed to provide inspiration and inner strength to the monks during meditation. – Good condition.Size 78 x 91 cm

BUDDEBERG, MICHAEL / RICHTSFELD, BRUNO J. (eds.), Aus dem Land des Schneelöwen. Kostbarkeiten aus Tibet 15.-20. Jahrhundert. Munich 2016, ill. 8

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