Central Asia Karadashli Main Carpet

First half 19th century Central Asia, West Turkestan Karadashli Main Carpet

The 33 large chuval güls of the red-brown field are spaciously arranged in rows of three and interspersed with delicately drawn chemche secondary güls. The white main border shows different designs in the vertical and horizontal bands – in the vertical direction, a Turkmen wavy vine undulates around curled leaves to which it is not attached, while ashik güls alternate with calyx-like shapes in the horizontal direction. Both secondary borders are embellished with small polygons. The fact that the outer secondary border continues beyond the border section, framing the sides of the two wide elems decorated with graceful trees, is a striking feature. – Signs of age and wear, low pile, minor restored areas very few.Size 175 x 303 cm

RAGETH, JÜRG, Turkmenische Teppiche. Basel 2016, vol. 1, no. 87


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