Central Asia, South West Uzbekistan Nurata Suzani

Middle of 19th Century Central Asia, South West Uzbekistan Nurata Suzani

This classic suzani from the town of Nurata north east of Bokhara displays four large, diagonal flowering trees in the corners of the field and a floral star at the field centre. Six flowering shrubs are grouped around it. To the left and right of the central medallion we see a feline predator with a polychrome striped body and a tail held high. They are probably depictions of lions. While many suzani designs incorporate small birds or snakes, larger animals such as lions, tigers or elephants are fairly rare. In the wide main border, slender green leaves form a diamond lattice whose compartments are filled with different leaves and palmettes. - Slight signs of age and wear, backed with calico.Size 155 x 236 cm

GRUBE, ERNST J., Keshte. Central Asian Embroideries. The Marshall and Marilyn R. Wolf Collection. New York 2003, no. 11

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