Central Asia West Turkestan Tekke Main Carpet

First Half 19th Century Central Asia, West Turkestan Tekke Main Carpet

A large main carpet by the Tekke tribe with 4 x 11 primary güls, chemche secondary motifs, a densely patterned border and pile-woven elems of tree forms aligned in a row. The fairly coarse weave, heavy and flexible handle, velvety pile wool and rich luminous colours indicate that this main carpet was probably woven in the first half of the 19th century.Several old repiled sections, signs of age and wear but good pile on it.Size 205 x 310 cm Stock No 1068

Literature:SCHÜRMANN, ULRICH, Zentral-Asiatische Teppiche. Frankfurt a.M. 1969, no. 1 *** HAMBURGISCHES MUSEUM FÜR VÖLKERKUNDE (publ.), Wie Blumen in der Wüste. Die Kultur der turkmenischen Nomadenstämme Zentralasiens. Hamburg 1993, no. 20

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