Mid 19th century South West Caucasian Kazak Rug

This authentic Kazak presents a field design of three rectangular compartments, each containing a large stepped polygon with a central cross and a striking hooked outline framed by an octagon. A reciprocal trefoil border separates the field from the wide border section. The bracket motifs of the main border are also encountered in Karachovs, otherwise the design offers no clues for attribution to one of the established Kazak groups. With a pile height of some 2 centimetres, this antique and evidently little used Kazak appears like a colourful pelt. It is extremely heavy. Due to the very firmly depressed wefts, the ground weave is almost impenetrably dense and the reverse as smooth as old leather. – Very good condition, with the original end and side finishes.Size 170 x 225 cm 


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