Central Anatolia Mudjur Prayer Rug

Late 18th Century Central Anatolia Mujur Prayer Rug

Niche design Mujur carpets were highly popular during the 19th century, selling to all the regions of the Islamic world. They are often very realistically portrayed in genre paintings by Western orientalist painters depicting scenes from North African bazaars. Early examples such as this red-ground Mujur display a widely conceived mihrab form and stand out due to their balanced compositions and rich range of brilliant colours. The field and border motifs were rigidly fixed by tradition, but there was a certain latitude in the design of the field. This piece shows a striking tree motif which dominates the centre of the field; linked to its tip by fine lines, it is effectively suspended from it.Very good overall condition and strong unfaded colours.Size 135 x 180 cm 

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