Central Asia Central Amu Darya Valley Beshir Rug

Mid 19th century Central Asia Central Amu Darya valley Beshir Rug

The carpets of the Beshir Turkmen differ greatly from the repertoire of other Turkmen tribes. Their designs and compositions, often influenced by Persian models, show no relationship with typical Turkmen gül ornamentation, and are surprising in their diversity. No other Turkmen tribe has woven designs as heterogeneous as these. To date, there has been little research into Beshir carpets, and a monograph on this interesting tribe is still outstanding. This attractive example,This large red-ground Beshir with an exemplary mina khani design and a geometric, stylised Herati border was probably made to order for a rich merchant from one of the Central Asian oasis towns for use in his home. The inner border design of halved diamonds and stepped lines on a white cotton ground is a rare feature. – Several expertly repiled sections, original finishes all around, good condition high pile.Size 210 x 335 cm


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