Central Asia, South West Uzbekistan Kermina Suzani

Early 19th Century Central Asia, South West Uzbekistan Kermina Suzani

Kermina was an important centre of suzani production. Situated some 110 kilometres north east of Bokhara on the Zarafshan river, the city housed the summer residence of the emirs of Bokhara. This may explain why Bokhara and Kermina suzanis share many common features in terms of design, palette and embroidery technique. – Finely embroidered in ilmoq chain stitch throughout, elegantly drawn and with an ambiguous composition, this suzani is a masterpiece of Central Asian textile art. We attribute it to Kermina for stylistic reasons. Confusing at a first glance, the repeat in the field consists of two design units repeated regularly and loosely interlocked. The offset arrangement of the design units produces a complex overall picture. Twelve diamonds of different sizes, each enclosing a red circular blossom, are arranged in diagonal bands. They alternate with a second design layer of larger cruciform devices composed of a central red blossom and four surrounding red-and-blue blossoms, also arranged in diagonal rows. Four slender green leaves emanate from the centres of the cruciform floral clusters in lively diagonal curves, adding movement to the overall design. The leaves could also be viewed as outlines of larger diamonds which, combined with the smaller diamonds, allow an alternative reading of the composition in the vertical direction. In the absence of a secondary border, the wide border immediately adjoins the field, its static calm offering a counterpoint to the dynamic movement of the field. The latter contains a diamond lattice of green straight-lined leaves enclosing 21 large red fan-shaped blossoms as the primary motifs, accompanied by smaller blossoms in red and blue. A further example of this rare group was published by Fling. – Very good condition. Mounted onto canvas.Size 170 x 220 cm 

FLING, RUSSELL S., Khans, Nomads & Needlework. Suzanis and Embroideries of Central Asia. Columbus, Ohio 2012, Nr. 7



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