South West Anatolia Mugla Rug

Second Half 19th Century South West Anatolia, Mugla province

In this Megri, a deep green double niche decorated with four large blossoms takes up almost the whole of the narrow field. The lower arch is straight-sided while the upper one has stepped sides. The yellow spandrels contain red triangular forms enclosing arrow motifs. The border design – three bands in green, golden yellow and white – is typical of the provenance. Brilliant colours. – Slight signs of wear in the pile, good overall condition, original finishes all around.Size 92 x 148 cm 

YOHE, RALPH S. & McCOY JONES, H., Turkish Rugs. Washington, D.C. 1968, Nr.56 *** BAUSBACK, PETER, Anatolische Knüpfteppiche aus vier Jahrhunderten. Mannheim 1978, Tf. S.109



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