South West Caucasian Bordjalo Rug

Late 18th Century South West Caucasian Bordjalo Rug

This Best early Kazak of the Borjalou group shows a design of harmonious proportions woven in mellow colours, with a degree of patination that suggests great age. As in empty-compartment Kazaks, the field is divided into two red and one central green compartments which are surrounded on all sides by the inner secondary border. Outlined in reciprocal trefoils, the compartments are empty spaces except for a small comb motif placed in the green centre. These are further common features shared with three-compartment Kazaks. The two groups are obviously closely related. On the other hand, the wide border of halved hooked diamonds, with a white, band-like hooked vine zigzagging between them, is a characteristic feature of Borjalou Kazaks. – Signs of wear in the pile, good pile somewhat reduced ends, original selvedges.Size 165 x 185 cm


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