South West Persia, Fars Khamseh Rug

Late 19th century,South West Persia, Fars Khamseh Rug

In this Khamseh, probably a weaving of the Baharlu/Ainalu tribal group, the large scale of the designs, the massive impact of the composition and the brilliant colours are striking features. A huge red hexagon enclosing a smaller hexagon surrounded by a chain of flowers lies at the centre of the shield-shaped field. Its midnight blue ground is filled with four large, two-dimensional, light blue blossoms, four serrated leaves, small rosettes and a number of animals. The white spandrels show a lattice-like design of green stems. In order to avoid problems with the corner solutions, the nomadic weaver used two different types of vines in the lateral and horizontal borders. – Good condition, original finishes all around.Size 125 x 185 cm

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