South West Persia, Kashqai Rug

Mid 19th century South West Persia, Kashqai

Comparatively coarse in weave and with slight irregularities in the execution of the characteristic, highly abstract garden design, this red-ground Qashqa’i is an early piece woven for home use by the Shekarlu tribe. A high pile of glossy wool, brilliant colours. – Very good condition, even the flatwoven finishes are preserved.Size 152 x 238 cm 

BLACK, DAVID & LOVELESS, CLIVE, Woven Gardens. Nomad and Village Rugs of the Fars Province of Southern Persia. London 1979, no. 4 *** VÖLKER, ANGELA, Die orientalischen Knüpfteppiche im MAK. Vienna, Cologne, Weimar 2001, no. 112


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