Transylvanian Double Niche Carpet

17th Century Transylvanian Rug

Carpets of this kind were produced in weaving centres in the West Anatolian province of Manisa, chiefly for export to Europe. The largest number of them has survived in the Protestant churches of Transylvania, resulting in the whole group being summarily described as “Transylvanian” rugs. Part of the Kingdom of Hungary, the principality was situated at one of the interfaces of the Islamic and Christian worlds at the time, and local merchants played an important role in the transit trade with the Ottoman Empire.This rare beautiful white -ground example displays a double niche design, a apricot diamond-shaped central medallion decorated with white rosettes along its sides and a yellow-ground main border of large cartouches;The original finishes have survived all around; very few old repiled sections and repairs good pile Size 107 x 145 cm


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